Hunt:The Recorder and Its Music (Revised, 2002 edition), 179 pg

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Edgar Hunts book, The Recorder and its Music was actually originally printed in 1962 and later translated into Dutch, French and Japanese. Peacock Press has just completed the reprinting of this book much to the delight of many recorder enthusiasts around the world. The book contains thirty photographs and many line-figures and music examples. The following are excerpts from a recent review by Marianne Mezger in the United Kingdom The research, precision and the love for the subject that went into the first publication as well as the second edition was enormous. Edgar Hunt did a marvelous job researching the history, design, playing techniques of the recorder and added so many valuable illustrations. A chapter dedicated to contemporary composers gives valuable insight into the range and possibilities of the various instrument sizes clearly serving as a stimulus for new compositions. Edgar Hunts work is a valuable documentation of the beginnings and revival of the recorder, and the detailed information on so many specific topics is indispensable. Perfect bound, Laminated soft cover, 179 pages.

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