M4 2nd Ed Cover
M4 2nd Ed CoverM4 2nd Ed Cover

Dubbe: The First Recorder EBook, 2nd Ed

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The primary purpose in presenting this method for learning to play the recorder is to make it possible for the regular classroom teacher to present the instrument and the music. Every effort has been made to explain all the musical symbols used, the correct way to hold and to finger the recorder, and the three steps necessary for good tone production. Whether or not you are especially trained in music, you will be able to present this material. You will find that it is easy to understand, that it is interesting to the children, and that it will give a thorough foundation in the fundamentals of music. The joy your students will experience from learning to play this instrument will more than compensate you for whatever slight effort you put forth to help them. The fact that they are learning to play a real instrument, not a toy, is a motivation in itself. The music in this book has been prepared for the C-Soprano recorder. You will find the soprano recorder best suited in size for small hands. Recorders are made with two different fingering patterns, one called German, the other English, or Baroque. It is wise to have all students use the same type of recorder, as this prevents confusion. While the material which follows is prepared for children of the lower grades, there is no reason why it cannot be used with upper grade children. Many schools start pre-instrumental training in third and fourth grades, but in schools which have not had a pre-instrumental program, upper grade children would undoubtedly be enthusiastic about playing one of these fascinating instruments. Do not be dismayed if your class is large. Of course, it is easier to teach fifteen or twenty in a group, but I have had as many as forty-five beginners in one class, and the results have been most satisfactory. If you have just half the confidence in yourself that I have in the classroom teachers in our public schools, you’ll be successful. Good luck, Marguerite B. Dubbé

Preface to the Second Edition

The second edition of this method contains references to a CD containing recordings of most of these musical pieces so that players can listen to the piece being played. This CD also has recordings of parts in multi part music so that players can practice each part while sounding as if they had a full accompaniment. Most recordings have click tempo measures at the beginning which help players adjust to the right tempo of the music before they begin. This new edition is also available as an eBook so that players can have it available on their iPads®, iPhones®, tablets, laptops, desktops and other cell phones. The method is in PDF format designed to scale to any screen size so that it can be clearly read on screens from cell phones to projectors. The eBook also has links to the same recordings that are included on the CD. Extra material is available on the website at http://magnamusic.com/m4ebook. If you finish this method and wish to continue your studies, please inquire about volume two. You may purchase both this present method and its second volume from your local music store and the eBook online at http://magnamusic.com/m4ebook. Good Luck, and Best Wishes, Tim Hunter President Magnamusic Distributors, Inc.


Forward from the Author 2
Holding Your Recorder 3
Lesson 1 4 Quarter notes, quarter rests, time signature, breath marks.
Lesson 2 5 Half notes, half rests, new note B
Lesson 3 6 Whole notes, whole rests, dotted half notes, 3/4 time signature, double bar lines.
Lesson 3A 7 Supplementary pieces from notes introduced in lesson 3
Lesson 4 8 Repeat marks, new note C Lesson 5 9 New note D, new fingering for note B
LESSON 5A 10 Supplementary pieces for lesson 5
LESSON 6 11 We make music with the notes we have learned
LESSON 7 12 Eighth notes, the metronome
LESSON 8 13 New note F, new note E, tie
LESSON 9 14 New note high E, a hold, Da Capo (D.C.)
LESSON 9A 15 Supplementary pieces for lesson 9
LESSON 10 16 New note low D
LESSON 11 17 New note B flat, new note middle C
LESSON 11A 18 Supplementary pieces for lesson 11
LESSON 12 19 New note F sharp, slurs, key signatures
LESSON 13 20 Dotted notes
LESSON 14 21 Enjoy playing Christmas pieces
LESSON 15 22 New note C sharp, first and second endings
LESSON 16 23 Dal Segno (D.S.),
Fingering Chart 27
Index of Music 28

Sheet Music
Composer Dubbé Composer
Level Tooltip 2 Level
Voicing Tooltip S Instrumentation
ISBN 9780913334447 ISBN


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