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Simple one or two instrument pieces are self explanatory, but a lot of the pieces we carry can be played on different instruments and in different combinations. If we tried to write these out it would take up too much space, so we helped build the industry standard instrumentation abbreviations you see on our music. Here is a list of those abbreviations:


Instrumentation Guide
N Sopranino Recorder   V   Violin
S Soprano/ Descant Recorder   Va   Viola
A Alto/ Treble Recorder   Vc   Cello
T Tenor Recorder   PdV   Pardessus de Viol
B Bass Recorder   LyV   Lyra Viol
Gb Great Bass Recorder   TrV   Treble Viol
Cb Contra Bass Recorder   TeV   Tenor Viol
Pf Piano   BsV   Bass Viol
H Harpsichord   VdG   Viola da Gamba
Og Organ   Db   Dbl. Bass
Bc Basso Continuo   Str   Strings
vo Voice   F   Flute
s Soprano Voice   O   Oboe
a Alto voice   Bsn   Bassoon
t Tenor Voice   Cl   Clarinet
b Bass Voice   Tr   Trumpet
i/instr Any Melody Instrument   Tb   Trombone
r Unspecified Recorder   Th   Theorbo
Orff Orff Instruments   G   Guitar
Glock Glockenspiel   L   Lute
Perc Percussion Instruments   hp   Harp/ Celtic Harp
= Equal Number (ie:2= means 2 equal instruments) Xyl   Xylophone
Various/Var. Various Voicing/ Instrument Combinations Trg   Triangle
Opt. Optional   cm   Crumhorn
Narr Narrator   k   Shakuhachi
Brass Brass Instruments        
ScP Score and parts included        
  Means and other composers Mozart, Couperin+ (more than what is listed)

Instrument Examples:

S, (Pf) = Soprano Recorder with optional Piano. (Parenthesis are used to note optional instruments)
S/A,V  = Soprano or Alto Recorder and Violin, (commas are used to separate different types of instruments.)
AA/BB = 2 Alto Recorders or 2 Bass. (Forward slash indicates different combinations of instrumentation.)
SATB = Soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders.

Level of difficulty

1 = easy
2 = easy to moderate
3 = moderate
4 = difficult
5 = very difficult

Search examples

Two of your friends and you are looking for easy dances for recorder trio.  You play soprano, your friends alto and tenor.

Choose Recorder Trios from the category drop down inside the music search box at the left.  Then type 'dance' in the title text box.  (Don't type dances as some titles have only the word dance and will be excluded.  Try to use the minimum keyword size to match what you need.)  Then select 'Easy' from the drop down for Difficulty.  Last, type 'SAT' in the Voicing text box, and search.  You've narrowed your search from almost 12,000 to just a handful of great fun pieces.


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