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London Pro Musica has the largest list of Renaissance and Early Baroque music in practical editions that can be found anywhere in the world. Most of their music is secular -- from about 1450-1650. A substantial portion is purely instrumental, and works are generally chosen that are suitable for several types of Renaissance instruments. The following is a list of the various series of music available. Click on the name of the collection for a listing of its pieces

Lettered Editions~or~Numbered Editions


Lettered Editions

Holborne Pavans, Galliards and Almains A complete edition of this classic collection of 65 elegant, stylized dances. Provided are a complete set of part books to cover both wind and stringed instruments. This is the largest English printed collection of its kind to survive from its time. 76 page score with introduction, editorial and performance notes and commentary, and 7 part books; Cantus wind, Altus wind, Quintus string, Quintus wind, Tenor string, Tenor wind and Bassus wind.

The Attaingnant Dance Prints (editions start with LPMAD) A complete edition in seven volumes of the collections of dances for instrumental ensemble published by Pierre Attaingnant of Paris between 1529 and 1557. This series has been extensively revised and now includes detailed commentary for each volume. All pieces are playable on recorder, viols, violin family, shawms, cornet and trombones and other instrumental combinations. All titles are playing scores only.

A Due Cori Polychoral Music c. 1600 (editions start with ADC) Instrumental double choir pieces and many vocal ones. Popular performance material. Also good for relatively large groups of informal musicians. All titles come as score and parts, with additional parts available separately. Inner parts in both string and wind clefs. For singers, sets of scores are available at a remarkably reasonable cost.

The Art of the Netherlands (editions start with LPMAN) This music is characterized by a remarkable degree of rhythmic subtlety. An astonishing number of exceptionally talented musicians were born in the Low Countries around the middle of the 15th century, reaching artistic maturity about 1470-80. Josquin des Pres, Heinrich Isaac, Pierre de la Rue, Jacob Obrecht, Alexander Agricola are just a few of the outstanding names from this very productive period.. Mostly available with score and parts.

Chamber Music of the 17th Century (editions start with LPMCS) The 17th century, particularly the first few decades, was a period of great creativity. A large amount of challenging, experimental and virtuosic music was produced during this time, especially in Italy, by such musicians as Dario Castello, Francesco Turini, Biagio Marini, Giovanni Battista Buonamente and others. Mostly available with score and parts.

Early Dance Music (editions start with LPMDM) This series includes the best of ensemble Renaissance dance music, all of the monophonic medieval dance music, and a few 17th century collections. The first 3 volumes are complete editions of the two main sources for 16th century Italian dance music. Later volumes cover forms such as Hoftanz, and many other dances up to six instruments from the Hessen books of 1555. Available as scores only.

English Instrumental Music c. 1600 (editions start with LPMEM) Some of the English music of this period is suitable only for viols but there’s plenty written in a style that makes sense on all kinds of instruments. That is what is produced in this series. Available as score and parts.

The Keyboard Repertoire (editions start with LPMEK)

Early Music Library The titles in this series are supplied as sets of scores, according to the number of parts.

Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Complete Instrumental Music (editions start with LPMGAB) This series includes all of Gabrielis works for instrumental ensemble in an editon that provides alternate parts.

Girolamo Frescobaldi, Il Primo Libro Delle Canzoni (editions start with LPMGF) This comlete edition of the Libro Primo delle Canzoni, which was published in three editions, during the composers lifetime, contains pieces from one to four instruments and continuo.

German Instrumental Music c. 1600 (editions start with LPMGM) This series explores the wealth of German instrumental music from around the turn of the 17th century, much of which is five or more parts. The repertoire of this active period is quite varied: from simple Polish dances to sophisticated pavanes and galliards and elaborate canzones and fantasies. Available as score and parts.

Italian Instrumental Music of the Renaissance (editions start with LPMIM) These pieces are primarily for 2 or 3 instruments. Playable on recorders, viols – and some on crumhorns. Primarily available with just score - although later editions include parts.

The Italian Madrigal (editions start with LPMMA) From 1520 until the end of the 16th century, the madrigal was the focus of all that was new and exciting in Italian music. The new style and techniques developed then were imitated in many countries. De Lassus, da Rore, Ruffo & others are included in this series.

Music for Crumhorns (editions start with LPMMCR) A series of 3 large anthologies of varied music selected for its suitability for crumhorns and other wind instruments. Scores only.

Musica Practica (editions start with MP) These volumes take advantage of new technology, producing sets of sets and parts from major collections that have previously only been available in scholarly tomes or small collections. The music is for wind or string instruments. Rich texture and rhythm. Scores or parts, some with both.

Renaissance Chansons (editions start with LPMPC) Explores the wealth of French secular “vocal” music of the 16th century. Remember that chansons (songs) were performed instrumentally everywhere during this period.

Renaissance Band Collection (editions start with LPMRB) A series of music for Renaissance wind instruments, in which the range of the parts suit a range of different wind instruments, and is therefore playable on recorders, cornettes and trombones, dulcians, shawms and other wind instruments of the period.

Ricercate e Passaggi (editions start with LPMREP) This series presents, in a highly practical format, most of the really worthwile material from the treatises of Girolamo Dalla Casa, (1584), Giovanni Bassano, (1585/1591), Richardo Rognino (1592), Francesco Rognoni (1620), Vicenzo Bonizzi (1626), Aurelio Virgiliano and others. The emphasis is on providing ricercate and other examples of decorated music that can be used a number of ways with various combinations of instruments.

Renaissance Music Prints (editions start with LPMRM) This series presents complete editions of a number of 16th century collections that are consistently interesting enough to justify this approach. Several of the prints that will appear are collections, like Willaerts voice and lute settings, that are the only surviving examples of their kind.

Thesaurus Musicus (editions start with LPMTM) A series of small anthologies, as sets of scores.

Thomas Simpson Taffle ConsortThis collection includes 50 pieces representing a wide variety of different kinds of music from both English and German composers. It includes pavans, galliards, masque dances, arias and more. A 93-page bound score with five separate parts books presented in a handsome boxed slipcase.

Venetian Instrumental Music c.1600 (editions start with LPMVM) Around 1600 in Venice & other north Italian centers new types of ensemble music emerge exploring, among other things the use of polychoral techniques.

William Brade Pavans Galliards Collection A complete edition of one of four sets of part books devoted to the music of William Brade. Scored for five instruments (winds/ strings/ consort)

Numbered Editions


Numbered Editions The problem with series, is that there are always titles that for some reason do not fit. There is a limit to how many series we can reasonably run, so we will increasingly use a simple numbering system for titles that are worth producing, but which fall out of the scope of the existing series. Sore and parts.



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